Saturday, April 7, 2012

Santa Fe, NM Police Sergeant Caught Pleasuring Himself In Cruiser (In Addition To Several Crimes): Allowed To Accumulate Leave So He Can Retire On Taxpayer Dime

What?  Do you think I could make this stuff up?  Nosiree!  Only in the real world can a cop get away with committing crime after crime yet be able to accumulate paid leave so he can retire and collect taxpayer money for the rest of his life.  Fortunately, TV station KOB was persistent in their requests for dashcam footage that brought the officer's inability to get through the day without jacking it to the public.
Do your tax dollars pay for this man's lube?
One video shows Eiskant’s vehicle pointed toward Cerillos Road in the middle of the day. Audio from the recording depicts moans, then the unmistakable sound of a zipper.
Eiskant is alone in his squad car, and it sounds like he may be masturbating while looking at a picture of a naked woman on his cell phone and texting.
At one point in the video he says, "Oh show me those big beautiful breasts baby.”
The sex talk, recorded in broad daylight goes on for nearly ten more minutes.
Eventually, Eiskant breaks away and responds to a call.
But for every silver lining, there has to be a big, black cloud (emphasis mine):
Rael and Santa Fe's internal affairs department have known about the tape, and learned Eiskant was being investigated for several crimes, but he was never put on leave or suspended.
This week, Eiskant was found guilty of harassing and stalking women, stealing marijuana and using criminal databases to look up people’s information in a case brought by the Attorney Generals office.
Despite the investigation, Eiskant has been allowed to collect accumulated leave until he officially retires in November. 
But it appears his department either knew about his "activities" or just had one hell a sense of humor:
On Monday, 4 On Your Side will dig deeper into Eikant’s story. We will look into why Eiskant was assigned the number 69 for his badge and squad number. 
The big problem here, obviously, is that a man is allowed to accumulate paid leave while he is being investigated for multiple crimes he's already been convicted for.  The jacking it in the cruiser, while disgusting, is not that big a deal.  A waste of resources, yes, but as long as he didn't leave anything behind for the next guy, it's not that big a deal.  But how can his department deliberately sit on the sidelines until he has enough time to retire when they have ample reasons to terminate his employment and save the Santa Fe taxpayers the burden of financing the retirement of a criminal?

And yes, there's video at the link.

UPDATE:  Now tell me that a "civilian" would get the same leniency as this guy.  Sorry, but this smacks of a double-standard.


  1. I didn't think police departments used Bad Lieutenant as a training video.

    1. I was thinking the "Casino La Fantastique" billboard scene in Super Troopers.

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