Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shop Owner In South Carolina Defends Property. Illinois Man Does Same. Guess Which One Was Arrested?

A Conway, SC shop owner knew what was coming after closing time when he saw a car backing into his parking lot.  So rather than become a victim, he backed around the corner.  When a mask and latex glove-wearing man popped out of the car, the shop owner unloaded his pistol.  And when that one was empty, he pulled out a second one and unloaded that until his would-be robber was dead as dirt.
Would-be getaway driver charged with attempted robbery and attempted murder
Officers were called around 10 p.m. Monday to the Food Shop at 1300 U.S. 501 Business near Conway for an armed robbery, Kegler said. On scene, police learned the business owner shot a man who attempted to rob him.
Coaty Santel Deas died from gunshot wounds in the attempted robbery, Horry County Deputy Coroner Tony Hendrick said. Deas’ age and hometown was not available.
 The only arrest?  The getaway driver, who apparently fired at the shop owner: 
Police arrested Tamela Riggins, 29, of Conway, on attempted murder and attempted armed robbery charges.

Read more here:
Arrest warrants said Riggins told police she had been the lookout and getaway driver for Deas after she had been read her Miranda rights. The warrant said Riggins fired several shots from a handgun during the incident. She was booked at 6:17 a.m. Tuesday, jail records show, and bail had not been set at press deadlines.
Now to me, this is a feel-good story of a man protecting his property because of the Second Amendment.  And that is a right he should enjoy anywhere in the country.  But unfortunately for Homer Wright of Chicago, that isn't the case.  The 81-year old Wright was charged with felonious "Unlawful Use Of A Weapon" for shooting a home intruder because he had been convicted of a crime 22 years ago.
The one on the left is the good guy!
And the Army vet did indeed call police after his 75-year-old wife heard someone trying to break in, only they didn’t respond quickly enough, Cook said.
“It’s the same thing over and over again. He’s tired of it,” Cook said. “A man’s ... supposed to protect his home.
Outside Wright’s home, community activists and block club members defended Wright, who they said has run Sheree’s Past Time tavern in the front of his home and lived in the back with his wife and family for more than 40 years. They called on officials to drop the charges.
“It’s a sad day in America when an ... senior citizen with a heart condition can’t defend himself against an intruder breaking into his house,” said Daryl Smith, 43, a self-employed tow truck owner.
Earlier, Smith said, “What happened if he didn’t have a gun? We would be talking about a whole different story.”
And not to let a moment to score political points and dredge up the Trayvon Martin case go to waste, a local politician chimed in with: 
William Delay, 18th Ward committeeman, noted that in Florida, “Travon Martin was killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmermann and he has not been arrested. Mr. Wright was protecting his own home, was in fact inside his own home, and he did not kill this intruder. He only maimed this guy yet he has been arrested and is sitting in jail. Where is the justice in that?”
Not too sure where he's going with that.  Probably wants Zimmerman strung up if this guy is going to be arrested as well.  

Either way, this just goes to show that there are some places where defending yourself is a felony based on what you did 20+ years ago.  I guess he ought to just count himself lucky he doesn't live near enough to a school to get charged with an even stricter offense. 

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